"Kundalini Yoga is a method to become nothing, so that everything can flow through you. That's all it is."- Yogi Bhajan 


Kundalini Yoga is for everyone. It’s The Yoga of Awareness and is “the supreme technology to awaken your awareness and take you into your original Self.  It is a natural unfolding of your true nature.”  With an emphasis on experiencing this true nature, Kundalini Yoga is a grouping of physical movement, breath and meditation.

The goal is to elevate us beyond our habitual thought forms so we can see our true human potential.  The practice of this yoga strengthens our glandular system and nervous system so that we gain control of our mind and emotions, living less in our reactive personality and more in our true state of higher consciousness. 

Kundalini Yoga has been around for thousands of years. There is a strong lineage in this system and the teachings get passed down from teacher to student in what is known as the Golden Chain. Yogi Bhajan, who was named a Kundalini master at age 16,  brought Kundalini Yoga to the West from India in 1968.

Although the practices of Kundalini Yoga were kept secret in India, Yogi Bhajan understood that people in the West were dealing with many pressures from modern life. While he meant to just start teaching Hatha Yoga, he ended up teaching Kundalini to help people quickly transform their neurotic patterns into conscious living.