Aquarian Counseling is a result of seeing the life changing effects of Kundalini Yoga on a group of diverse clients in Natalia's private practice setting.  It is a way of counseling where the emphasis is on giving clients tools for self empowerment, self healing and self acknowledgment.  Clients come in, talk and receive a meditation or some other Kundalini practices to take home.  These practices are short, simple and extremely effective.  

Aquarian Counseling is also an attitude towards helping and delivering a service that is appropriate for the times we are living in. The world of psychotherapy has many styles, approaches and modalities. While not every approach will work for everyone, some styles focus on areas of a person's life that do not necessarily help the person to move from one place to another.

The idea that we need to talk and focus on problems is something that has become normal in the therapeutic world.  The truth is, focusing on problems does not necessarily help a person to get out of the problem.  Giving someone the tools to take themselves out of the problem is the offering that Aquarian Counseling is committed to.  

A person comes, learns something new like a meditation or a breathing practice or possibly a yoga set, and because of the effectiveness of the science of Kundalini Yoga, the person for the first time in their lives has an experience of themselves unlike any other. The practices, if done correctly, are designed to quickly de-thaw the ice cubes of the neurotic patterns that we have been enslaved to.

Instead of talking about the problem, we move the energy in the body and mind to create space from the problem. From there the problem is less sticky and it’s a whole new ball of wax entirely.  This Kundalini Yoga system was brought to the west by Yogi Bhajan and Natalia is dedicated to teaching in a way that honors the purity of this system. 


There is not a moment when change and challenge will not come to you. Change and challenge is the rhythm of life. You have to resurrect above it.
— Yogi Bhajan